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Stacy's Mom - River Grille

Hip Hop Hooray - River Grille

Poker Face - The Laundromat

Crazy Bitch - The Laundromat

Teenage Dirtbag - The Laundromat

Sharp Dressed Man - Rhodes North

Mr. Brightside - The Rail at Readington

Jump Around - The Rail at Readington

American Girl - Shannon Rose

Country Girl - Black River Barn

Livin' On a Prayer - The Laundromat

I Want You to Want Me - Shannon Rose

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? - Market Tavern

Semi-Charmed Life - Rockaway River Barn

Walk this Way - Rhodes North

Semi-Charmed Life - Bardi's Bar and Grill

Rock and Roll All Night - Bardi's Bar and Grill

Blister in the Sun - Rhodes North

Sweet Caroline - Mohawk House

Hip Hop Hooray - Rhodes North

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