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Wind Up Monkey are:

Mike Pepe: Drums/Backing Vocals


A veteran of the tri-state band circuit predominantly as a founding member of Pushin Daisys. Has played most of the big draw rooms and headlined a New Year's Eve event at South Street Seaport.


Peter Riario: Lead Vocals


23 years experience singing in various top cover bands. Signed with several agencies including Stars Entertainment and 107 productions with the bands Nothing Human and Rumor Has It. Also played with Monmouth County shore based band The Hype. His bands have played nearly all the top clubs in the tri-state area including the Tiki Bar July 4th weekend to over 1,000 people, the Pre-Game show at the Meadowlands for N.J. Arena football, Osprey, Aztec, Headliner, Marlin, and Beachcomber.  

Frank Flamio: Bass, Backing Vocals.


I will not bore you with my ancient history. Now, who really cares that I used to act out in my 7th grade music class because I had to play that unpopular instrument called the cello and to piss off the teacher, I used to kick the bridge out of the stand up bass to create a Sonic Boom. Who cares that I used to own black posters and listen to music of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, and of course then the heavier music of Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Iron Maiden & Judas Priest? I’m too embarrassed to even speak of my hair band days. Am I boring you yet? Should I mention what my favorite food and color is? Not! Do you want to know what’s on my IPOD? Not! Or should I mention that I used play bass with the legendary cover band Pushin’ Daisys and then Junkmunky and currently fill-in for some other unpopular cover bands that you probably never heard of (Sycostatic, Panic Attack)? Or should I mention that I sometimes play for beer and shots (true)? When I’m not playing bubble gum rock live I’m learning more bubble gum rock at home. More RHCP & Tool! Yeah, that’s an idea!
See you at the show!


Larry Nimmo: Guitar/Backing Vocals


Founding member of original band Pretty Suicide who eventually changed their name to Future 86. Opened for national acts such as LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, Enuff Z’nuff, Vince Neil, Bang Tango and Metal Shop (now known as Steel Panther) and performed in both the Cleveland and Hollywood Cruefests multiple times. Future 86 and their song “I Want it All” were showcased in Optimum/TimeWarner’s  long running 1-800-OK-Cable commercial.  Future 86 played independently as well as through Stars Entertainment, Omni Pop Talent Agency, and NC Entertainment. Larry has also played with From Jersey with Love, Red Light Romeo, Pushin Daisys and Too Many Godz. 

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