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Go Bananas New Year's Eve/Day

Hello to all our devoted friends and fans. We've got two big shows to announce. Our grand slam, thank you madame blow out at the Black River Barn New Year's Eve, and another fun filled night the day after at the Mohawk House.

We go on at 10 p.m. for both shows, so get your party hats on and bring your mouth tooters to ring in the New Year for what will surely be the best New Year's Eve live music event in N.J. We plan on bringing a wall of sonic sound while you dance and drink the night away.

12/31 BLACK RIVER BARN 10 p.m. start with the Monkey

1/1 MOHAWK HOUSE 10 p.m. (and no excuses, just cause your partied too hard the night before...the best way to cure your hangover is to listen to us while nursing a shot of JD fire)

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